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Q&A with Nancy Andrews and Graham Andrews

Updated: Apr 4

Owner and Medical Director of Signature Aesthetics

Owner and Medical Director of Signature Aesthetics

Photo By Jonathan Shorter


By Jillian Chandler

Signature Aesthetics, with locations in both Sandpoint and Coeur d'Alene, is a destination for new beginnings for body, soul and spirit, where Nancy Andrews, RN-C and Graham Andrews, NP-C aspire for all of their clients to leave in a better place because of what they offer through Signature Aesthetics.

Founded in 2009 by visionary Nancy, she was elated to have her son Graham join the practice, where he serves as Signature Aesthetics' medical director.

After continuing to serve and grow Signature Aesthetics’ clientele over the past 15 years, Nancy moved their Sandpoint medical spa to its beautiful new home at 1202 North Division Avenue earlier this year, providing better accessibility for clients in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Both born and raised here in Sandpoint, this mother and son are the reflection of what so many strive for in this life: family, business and community.

Q. Why do you believe Signature Aesthetics has remained successful over the years, even as med spas continue to pop up all over North Idaho?

Nancy: When I started my business independently back in 2009, I wanted to transform the world of aesthetic medicine and pioneer new treatments that had never been done before in our area. I wanted to take my more than three decades of versatile nursing experience and implement it into my practice while adopting procedures that would transform the lives of all my patients. While new injectors and spa owners have come onto the scene, few, if any, can match the overwhelming amount of medical experience that we provide at Signature Aesthetics.

Graham: When I look back around the mid- to late-2000s, there were only a handful of medical spas with very few injectors in North Idaho, and Nancy was one of them. Procedures like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) joint injections, noninvasive ultrasound for skin tightening as well as other non-surgical body and facial rejuvenation procedures were very foreign to this area at that time. Nancy was very much a trailblazer for bringing these types of services to Sandpoint and Coeur d’ Alene — and continues to be.

Q. Nancy, what does it mean to you to have your son Graham following in your footsteps and joining you at Signature Aesthetics?

Nancy: As a mother, I am very proud to be working alongside my son. He and I are very like-minded, and it has been a very natural fit for the both of us. We both are very patient centered and strive to always do what's best for them. It’s not very often that you get to work alongside your family, and I take great pride in knowing that Graham has worked very hard to achieve his credentials as a family nurse practitioner.

Q. Graham, what inspired you in your profession and to join your mom, Nancy, at Signature Aesthetics?

Graham: My mom has always inspired me to pursue medicine ever since I was a young boy. When I was around 3 years old, I had a Mickey Mouse doctor's toy kit that I would play with. My parents would pretend to be my patients and would praise me after I listened to their hearts and looked in their ears. As I became older, I had several opportunities to shadow my mom in surgical cases, which further inspired me to pursue a career in medicine. As cliché as it may sound, I always felt that following in her footsteps in medicine was inevitable; my destiny if you will.

Q. What is most rewarding to you about the work you do?

Nancy: The beauty of our work as health care providers is that we get to support our patients through the lowest of lows and the highest of highs — which is essentially the human experience. There are not a lot of professions who can give you such an intimate view of a person’s life, and with that comes a lot of opportunity to be a beacon of light sharing hope in the process.

Graham: What is rewarding about our work is definitely multifactorial. We get to improve the confidence of our clients while building ongoing, meaningful relationships. One area of the practice that I'm very passionate about is weight and obesity management. … We have had patients shed tears of happiness in our office because of their weight loss, and to see their newfound motivation to adopt healthier habits and lifestyles is nothing short of inspirational.

Q. Both born and raised in Sandpoint, what makes this a truly special place to live and own a business?

Nancy: I am a third-generation local and live on my grandparents’ Frank and Amelia Finney’s homestead in Sandpoint. I have lived in Sandpoint my whole life and married my high school sweetheart, who is also a local. Sandpoint is truly a paradise of lakes, mountains, creeks and four beautiful seasons. To be able to own a business in a place where my family has so much history is second to none.

Graham: I was born and raised in Sandpoint, and I always knew that this was the place where I would raise my children just as my parents and grandparents did before me. Being a part of a locally owned business in Sandpoint gives me a sense of pride and connection to the place I call home. I love the fact that our business contributes to the unique identity of Sandpoint, helping this already vibrant town stay one of the most desirable places to live and visit in the world.

Q. When not serving your clients, how do you like to spend your time and with whom?

Nancy: One of my favorite hobbies is spending time with my animals on my property and rehabilitating horses. I have a passion for special needs children and young adults and have used my ranch animals to provide a therapeutic and safe experience for them. I am a proud grandmother of three grandsons and am so excited to have the next generation of my family experience the wonderful life that my parents and grandparents gave me.

Graham: My pride and joy are my wife and kids. I have been married to my lovely wife for nearly 11 years and have two beautiful sons. My 4-year-old little daredevil is my four-wheeling and theme-park buddy who knows no fear. My youngest son was born last October and is keeping my wife and I on our toes constantly! He is our little butterball and loves to smile at new and familiar faces.

Signature Aesthetics | NEW LOCATION: 1202 North Division Avenue | Sandpoint, Idaho | 208.627.6869 | Signature

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