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Q&A with Jacci Humble

Mrs. Pacific Northwest Universal 2021

By Abigail Thorpe

Photo by Kiersten Patterson Photography

Jacci Humble is a wife and mother, a Christ-follower, and a nurse by profession and artist by hobby. She’s also Mrs. Pacific Northwest Universal 2021. The family moved from Jacci’s home state of Kentucky in the summer of 2012 and have since fallen in love with the culture, beauty and vibrancy of Sandpoint. When she’s not serving in the busy ER, Jacci spends time with her family, creating art, and advocating for those affected by infertility and chronic, debilitating reproductive diseases.

Q. How did you get involved with the Mrs. Universal pageant system?

A. This year has certainly brought some struggles for many of us, with sicknesses and battling various challenges with this pandemic, and as a working emergency department nurse I found myself right on the frontline. Working in the environment that I do, I was anxious about the virus, what it would look like for our town, how it would affect my family and myself, and ultimately how it would impact this place we all call home. I needed an outlet, a haven from days and hours spent in isolation with patients, and I needed, most of all, a light and something to look forward to. I needed a goal.

I have only competed in one pageant prior to this one several years ago and loved being able to meet other women whose goal is to empower and impact their communities for the good. I figured this would be a good goal to set for myself in the future and something I could use my free time training for that would take my mind off all that has come along mentally and otherwise with this pandemic.

Q. What has been the most rewarding or exciting part of your Mrs. Universal experience?

A. For years I battled and struggled with infertility and a chronic, debilitating reproductive disease. I have been hearing the Lord say for a few years now to “use your voice.” I only this year felt like I walked into what that meant. Our voice, our truth, our history and story have influence and impact, and there is power in sharing our story with others.

This pageant system requires a platform, and what that means is that we spend our year advocating for a passion or organization and spreading awareness of that same passion with others. My platform is Infertility Awareness and Advocacy, as there is one in six women impacted by infertility, and one in 10 impacted by endometriosis. I am one in six and I am one in 10, and there is power in my story. I want to light the match that shines a light in the darkness of those that need hope and light in their own journey, and I want to be someone who shows support and inspiration to those currently in the battle. Advocating for others and standing up for them and beside them has by far been the most rewarding experience so far.

Q. What are you most passionate about, both in your free time and in your journey with Mrs. Universal?

A. Leaving a legacy of light and a trail of joy. Someone once asked me what I wanted my legacy to be, and in the words of that Thomas Rhett song “Be the Light,” the lyrics “in a world full of hate be the light” came to mind. I want to leave a trail behind me of light and joy. Advocating for others and shining a light in their dark and helping them find joy beyond their circumstances has been healing for me. I am passionate about this legacy, and I want to pass it down to my children and so on. Joy is a choice and happiness is an emotion, and I am trying daily to choose joy on purpose.

Q. Are there any specific causes, charities or nonprofits that you are actively involved with?

A. I am an active board member of Life Choices pregnancy center, whose vision is to see women and families succeed no matter what the life circumstances are. I currently am working with other board members and am an auction committee member on our fall fundraiser. This year we are thinking outside the box and working on ways to raise money for the organization by doing the silent portion of the auction online and live streaming the live auction so those who wish not to come in person can still be a patron and participate.

The second nonprofit I serve on the Board of Directors for is IdaHope Families. On this board I am on the legislative committee and I edit and create, with the guidance and input of the Executive Director (Christine DeNova), the monthly newsletter. Finally, I am a member of the 101 women organization in Sandpoint. This is a group of women who gather and unite with purpose to donate to a local organization a grant of $10,000 biannually.

Q. What has been a piece of advice or experience that you’ve carried with you and that has impacted your life for the better?

A. Being a truth teller and having compassionate open-ended communication with others has gotten me through so many life experiences. Being a truth teller and being someone who keeps the line of conversation open with others is a compassionate tool that has really impacted the way I do my job, the way I parent, the way I am as a wife and a friend. It is embedded in my character, and I think that is the most valuable advice I can give. Be honest, in a compassionate way, and show up for others and listen.

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