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Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival

Head to the Panida Theater to celebrate the spirit of outdoor adventure

By Jillian Chandler


A fresh collection of films that are touring as part of the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival will be shown at the historic Panida Theater (300 North First Avenue) January 19 through 21.

The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival will once again showcase a curated selection of adventure films, emphasizing real-world exploits and outdoor exploration. Attendees can expect a diverse lineup of documentaries and cinematographic feats, capturing the essence of global adventure and the determined spirit of those who push boundaries.

The festival attracts outdoor enthusiasts and film lovers alike. The Panida Theater once again serves as the festival's hub, offering a platform for filmmakers to present their narratives of daring expeditions, environmental challenges and human resilience. With a focus on factual storytelling and genuine exploration, the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival has become an integral part of Sandpoint's cultural calendar, fostering a community-wide appreciation for the world's natural wonders and the individuals who seek to discover them.

Film programs are different each night with an average of eight films being shown. Films focus on mountain culture, sport, lifestyle or environment.

Presented by Mountain Fever Productions, 2024 show dates are as follows: Friday, January 19, Saturday, January 20, and Sunday, January 21. Friday and Saturday shows begin at 7pm, with the Sunday show beginning at 6pm. Doors open one hour prior. Tickets are priced $18 in advance (purchase online at and increase to $20 if purchased at the door.

Mark your calendars for January 19 through 21, purchase your tickets today, and head to the Panida Theater to celebrate the spirit of outdoor adventure.

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