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Born on the Edge Studio

Updated: Mar 8

Alix Randall invites you to explore the creative world of metalsmithing


Born on the Edge Studio metalsmithing


By Jillian Chandler

Alix Randall is the proud owner of Born on the Edge Studio, which she opened up to the Sandpoint community in December of 2023. This DIY fine jewelry studio offers jewelry making workshops and private one-on-one lessons, as well as an online shop to purchase Alix’s beautiful works. Working only with quality precious metals such as sterling silver and gold, her specialty is working with gold-filled metals — an affordable solid gold alternative that is high quality and made to last a lifetime.

Working with metals has always been a huge part of Alix’s life. Prior to opening Born on the Edge Studio, she worked for the Department of Defense as a sheet metal mechanic for a decade. She knew that she wanted to build a business that utilized those skills but also allowed her to have a creative outlet, so Alix transitioned into jewelry work as she planned her move from Western Washington to Sandpoint.

“I have always been someone who loves making things; if there’s something that I can make instead of buy, I make it. That’s what gave me the idea to create a business where instead of clients coming in to buy something, they get to come in and share the joy of creating their own pieces,” Alix notes. “I love working with people and teaching something I’m passionate about.

”Alix realized her passion for metalsmithing creatively three years ago in her small garage studio, where she created a space for herself to create pieces of art with her metalwork. Fast forward to today, and Alix enjoys having the opportunity to work with people, helping them make small pieces of art and teaching them new skills.“I often get people telling me that they are so surprised they were able to make something so beautiful, even when they doubted themselves. I love that the pieces they go home with are something that they will be able to enjoy forever,” Alix affirms.


When asked what she believes makes Born on the Edge Studio unique to the area, Alix smiles, “I believe I am offering a completely unique service where I am selling an experience as well as quality handmade jewelry. Everything I use to teach my clients in the class is suitable for an affordable home jewelry studio, and my hope is that I will inspire others to find their next passion/hobby.”


Alix made the move to Sandpoint in July of 2023 with her 7-year-old son to be closer to his dad and family, and this place already feels like home to her. “I was very nervous moving to a new place on my own, where I didn’t know anyone,” Alix recalls. “The relationships I have made already have made my transition amazing, and I have had so much support from the community and have felt nothing but welcomed.”


For those looking to support a new local business while unleashing their inner creative, Alix of Born on the Edge Studio looks forward to teaching and inspiring all who walk through her door.


Born on the Edge Studio

31827 Highway 200, Suite 2

Sandpoint, Idaho


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