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Feel Better, Recover Faster

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Restore your momentum with Momentum Medical Massage By Jillian Chandler|Photo by Allison Turcotte Photography

Kelly Emerson has always been one drawn to helping people, which inspired her to earn her bachelor’s degree in social work in the late ‘90s. As a young mother at the time, she soon realized that this field was not the right fit for her and wanted to focus her time and energy on the most important aspect of her life—her family. Kelly would spend the next six years as a stay-at-home mom dedicated to raising her growing boys. “The big shift that has led me to where I am now was in 2003 when I discovered Zumba!” Kelly smiles. “From the very first video I watched with Shakira, I knew I needed to become a Zumba instructor.” Six months later, she opened Fit On First, a boutique studio that offered Zumba classes three times a day, in Vancouver, Washington. Here she witnessed many physical and emotional transformations and knew this was what she was meant to do—help others. Kelly and her family moved to Sandpoint in 2012. The area was overflowing with Zumba instructors, and Kelly was inspired to start on a new journey and recreate herself. “I was ready to dive deeper into assisting people with proper movement,” she recalls. “I realized that being limited to teaching Zumba was also limiting my ability to access a larger population of people—not everybody loves Zumba.” Kelly felt inspired to provide one-on-one personal training, with customized workouts for her clients based on personal needs, goals and physical limitations. In 2016, Kelly found herself struggling with an overuse injury in her shoulder and feared surgery. She wanted to consider her other options and turned to massage therapy. “It helped resolve the issue, inspiring me to become a massage therapist, as I could further assist my clientele and also have an entirely new career!” Kelly attended and graduated from North Idaho Massage Academy in 2017 and opened Momentum Medical Massage the following year. The concept of Momentum was to offer a variety of services that would help clients move their bodies and recover from workouts, injuries and accidents as quickly as possible to keep them moving forward at their own optimal levels. Today, Kelly is joined by a team of seven therapists between both personal training and massage therapy—specializing in medical massage, traditional massage therapy and craniosacral therapy, as well as a variety of healing modalities. It is also important for Kelly that Momentum stays on the cutting edge of new therapies, techniques and technologies that benefit their clients’ health and accelerate their ability to heal. “We have added two new technologies to our services that are rapidly gaining interest amongst our clientele and our community that are unique to Momentum,” she shares. Kelly is proud to share that Stem Cell Activation is readily available at Momentum. Commonly known as the “Holy Grail” of healing and anti-aging, stem cells go dormant as we age, which results in the decline of health, recovery and healing. Kelly adds, “By the age of 60, we only have about 10 percent of our stem cells available to us to help our bodies recover from accidents, injuries and health-related disease. Momentum is using a wearable light technology that helps reduce pain, reduce systematic and local inflammation, supports wound healing, increases energy, mental clarity and supports faster recovery from exercise.” Also at Momentum is BEMER / PEMF Therapy, offered as an add-on service to your massage or as a stand-alone service; clients can even rent one of Momentum’s BEMERs for convenient use at home! BEMER emits a low-intensity pulsed electromagnetic field into the body to stimulate and condition muscles, which in turn increases temporary blood flow at a microcirculatory level. “As we get older, those once small discomforts can become lingering issues that can impact our quality of life. BEMER will help enhance oxygen delivery, promote endurance and energy, and aid with stress reduction and relaxation,” Kelly notes. At the end of the day, Kelly finds the most rewarding part of the work she and her team do at Momentum is knowing that they are providing clients a variety of tools to help them feel better and recover faster from whatever ailments they may be suffering from. “Every body is different and unique, and it is such a blessing that we are able to offer a variety of services and technologies that help our clients feel better and live an easier, pain-free life! It is our hope that every person we serve walks away with an experience that they will remember and share with others.”

Momentum Medical Massage 1013 Lake Street, Suite 100 Sandpoint, Idaho 208.597.7597

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