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Stop the Rust!

The right solution to add longevity to your vehicle By Jillian Chandler

North Idaho Undercoating, a local veteran-owned company that officially opened in 2020, is the result of Justin Offermann’s years of frustration with rust. “I really enjoy working on vehicles, and rust was always frustrating to deal with, repairing, replacing parts, and taking enormous amounts of time. Paint and washing never worked,” he recalls. “It appeared to just be wasted time and effort, and paint requires constant touch-ups and preparation time and chemicals.”

Beginning back in 2016, Justin started researching different rust solutions and products and tested three products that were unconventional non-drying products. “They worked incredibly at stopping rust and preventing new rust—and it was relatively affordable compared to repairing the damage rust caused,” he says.

At North Idaho Undercoating, their team of specialists apply a non-drying, non-toxic and non-hazardous rustproofing undercoating primarily made of lanolin to the undercarriage of cars, trucks, trailers and equipment—stopping existing rust from progressing while preventing new rust from forming.

“Rust never stops, and you can’t really win against Mother Nature,” Justin admits, “so applying a product that soaks into the pores of the metal has major advantages over hard coatings like paint. If it’s scratched, it will self-heal after some time due to the coating never drying. In warmer weather, it also creeps like an oil, soaking into seam welds, hard-to-reach areas and protecting from the inside out.”

With the rising cost of vehicles, parts, delays in shipments, Justin saw that it all added up, which can become overwhelming for the average vehicle owner, as well as automotive enthusiasts, trying to preserve a vehicle for sentimental, professional and hobby use.

Whereas hard coatings chip and crack, and rubberized products trap moisture in the metal, accelerating corrosion, the non-drying alternative is truly a game-changer. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly—which is important to Justin, as he is an avid outdoorsman and wants to do his part in preserving North Idaho’s beauty.

Justin enjoys helping his customers understand his product and service, how it works, and talking about the history of lanolin and its use in other industries. “Everything from cosmetics, dermatology, and skin and makeup products, even the hand cleaning wipes I use at our facility has lanolin,” according to Justin. “Some of the earliest records of lanolin or wool grease is with the Vikings. They applied it to their sails to prevent them from rotting and to waterproof them.”

Justin works with every customer to ensure they create a plan that both protects the customer’s vehicle(s) and is affordable. “They have expenses like everyone else, and I help them ensure their investments in a vehicle just last longer,” he says. “I always encourage customers to understand that undercoating is a maintenance program, just like changing the oil, replacing filters and tires. The bulk of the vehicle will not need to be coated again due to its very viscous (thick quality), but high wash areas like the front suspension and fender areas will need to be touched up.”

He credits the success of his business to a variety of reasons, but most importantly, his customers. “My customers deserve a lot of credit,” he smiles. “When you solve a problem for them, and genuinely care, they tell others. It’s what I do when I have good experiences with other businesses and what they do from the service I try my best to provide.”

Justin enjoys the opportunity to be able to meet people and help them, from locals, newcomers, business owners, collectors—"just everyday people trying to make a living and have some part in making their lives a little easier by helping their vehicles last longer.”

He is proud to call Sandpoint—the place he was born and raised—home. He joined the military after graduating from Sandpoint High School in 2008 but found his way back home with his wife Stephanie in 2018. He is actively involved with his church through facilitating a men’s group and assisting with middle/high school kids. Justin and Stephanie have also worked with local animal shelters, as well as businesses for fundraisers for first responders. “As a veteran, I am very focused on giving back,” Justin shares.

Got rust? Then it’s time to schedule an appointment with Justin at North Idaho Undercoating. Serving Bonner, Boundary and Kootenai counties, he invites you to call or email him today.

North Idaho Undercoating 208.255.8199

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