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An Investment Worth Making

Realize your dream of homeownership, surrounded by nature, in Sandpoint By Joshua Nishimoto

When shopping for a new home in North Idaho, there are many ways to go about it. There is some shock value when looking at housing prices in the area, but the price of the home doesn’t tell the whole story. Real estate agent, and the man with the plan, Dave Spencer, suggests looking at one’s home purchase through different lenses and finding the best option for you.

“I believe that housing will continue to be a great place to invest your money for the next several years,” Spencer said. “I also believe that Sandpoint will be a wonderful place to do just that. A home is a tangible investment that you can actually use, enjoy, share and improve while it's appreciating in value. It’s also an investment that utilizes a powerful wealth-building strategy: leverage. For a fraction of the property's value and some closing costs, you can be living in your own home, and growing an asset.”

While COVID-19 has greatly affected everyone’s lives in one way or another all over the world, the trend for more and more people to work from home or get outdoors has also affected home purchasing.

“Many companies found out that their employees can work as effectively from a computer at home,” Spencer said. “This opens up a newfound freedom for folks, because they can now live anywhere—and still earn a great income. People can now live closer to activities that they enjoy: hiking, boating, skiing, etc.”

For those of us who live in Sandpoint, Idaho, we know the allure of living in harmony with nature, while trying to make a living. And with this growing trend of being able to work from anywhere, the pursuit of one’s desire to live in or around the great outdoors can now be a dream realized for many; a trend that Spencer suggests will continue.

“More folks I’m working with seem to be seeking more freedom from the rat race,” he shared. “They feel like they’re on a non-stop spinning wheel and want to get off of it. They have a sort of entrepreneurial spirit and want to have their own space, their own place. They want to call the shots, make their own decisions, do it their way. So, they’re leaving the traffic congestion and overcrowded, bigger cities for fresh air, blue skies, and a place with that hometown feel, yet with all the amenities that they’re used to. Those are all the things that Sandpoint has to offer.”

So, you’ve made it. You’re here. Whether you were born here, or you’re some kind of transplant. You love the outdoors and have made Sandpoint your home. What can locals do to ensure that they can afford to continue to live here?

“Sit down with a loan officer from a reputable local lender,” Spencer said. “Find the loan amount that you qualify for and the monthly payment that you’ll feel comfortable making and are comfortable with. Select a reputable Realtor that is familiar with the area and the market; one that can take you from looking to owning in a fun, minimal stress, educational way. Then, get started! You can’t win until you begin! Make it happen! Enjoy the ride!”

No matter what the future or current housing market looks like, whether you are buying or selling your home, you can only control what you can control. Your circumstances may always change, but making smart choices will never fail, like surrounding yourself with trusted experts.

“Seek the advice of a professional Realtor,” Spencer said. “Most folks think that they are going to net more money by selling their home themselves, but by doing so, they oftentimes shortchange themselves by underpricing their home, or not staging it properly for the best and highest offer, or by not being an experienced negotiator when and if they do receive an offer.”

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