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Main Street - The Slanted Sandpoint Street

Brought to you by the Bonner County Historical Society & Museum

Photo courtesy The Bonner County Historical Society

Main Street - The Slanted Sandpoint Street
Main Street - The Slanted Sandpoint Street

Photo Caption:

An early scene of Main Street Sandpoint, date unknown. Photo courtesy of the Bonner County Historical Society.

In most cities, the streets run perpendicular to each other, cutting perfect squares to contain homes and businesses. The city of Sandpoint is an exception, with its historical Main Street running at a rebellious northwest angle. This street cuts through the north side of town, leaving random triangular patches and interrupting traditional blocks of property.

Though awkward today, this street was once a direct connection between downtown and the Great Northern Railroad depot. A pioneering couple by the name of Ella Mae and L.D. Farmin was on the committee that plotted the town’s streets, and they also happened to work for the Great Northern Railroad.

The town site of Sandpoint was laid out in 1892 and incorporated in 1900. The Great Northern Railroad depot was the heart of Sandpoint at the time; therefore, this street was the main vein making a direct connection between the depot and the aspiring central hub of downtown. The land was raw and there were no rules.

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