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Sandpoint's Wooden World Record - The Long Bridge

Updated: May 3

The Longest Long Bridge Sandpoint's Wooden World Record

Photo Courtesy of the Bonner County Historical Society & Museum

Most people have a memorable introduction when driving into Sandpoint as the trees part and an expanding lake reaches out on either side. Not only do you get to admire the beautiful Lake Pend Oreille from the bank, but you get to drive right across it on what is called “The Long Bridge.” This may seem like a basic name, but in fact, it was the world’s longest wooden bridge in 1910. There have been four bridges that have connected the Sagle shoreline to Sandpoint. The first two were wooden and the two after that were steel and concrete, therefore it is no longer the longest wooden bridge in the world, but this does not diminish the magnificent entry point.

Recent research indicates that the original plan for transportation over this section of water was not a bridge but two very long docks on either end connected by boat transportation. As we look back on history, we know those plans would change.  

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