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Are You in Search of a ‘Healthy Perspective’? - Healthy Perspectives

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Local counselor Jeremiah Guidos is there to listen

By Jillian Chandler


Jeremiah Guidos is a man of God. As we talk, he reflects back on two important moments in his life that would point him toward his roles today as husband, father, counselor and podcaster, as well as in every other aspect of his life. He reflects on his time praying with his great grandmother, who was a spiritual woman, during her final days, alongside his grandmother, mother and other family members. It was then, he says, that this prayer was his leap toward God, and he was filled with the Holy Spirit. “And I never looked back,” he shares.

Then there is the moment he met his future wife, Elissa, while working as a lifeguard at a university pool. During their busy college lives, they developed a friendship that grew over time to be an inseparable love. They have been blessed with two beautiful children, Addie and Laney.

Jeremiah and Elissa moved their family to Sandpoint almost a decade ago. “Like most people who discover Sandpoint, it was a trip across the Long Bridge around 2008 that hooked us,” Jeremiah recalls. “I was coming for a potential job in Bonners Ferry, which didn’t work out. So, we kept our eyes on opportunities in the area until we could figure out how to make it work.”

In 2014, after six years of trying to make that move to Sandpoint, their dream became a reality. “I was born and raised in Oregon, and Sandpoint reminded me of the small town where I grew up. I knew this would be a great place for us to raise our daughters.”

Jeremiah is proud to call Sandpoint his home and is dedicated to helping those in his community who experience their own trials and tribulations. “The more I helped people from all over the country, the more I realized there isn’t a place in our country that goes untouched by mental health issues,” he shares. “I opened my practice to ensure a few more people in my community would have access to counseling services.”

Jeremiah, who earned his bachelor’s degree in 2004 and his master’s degree in clinical counseling from George Fox University in 2011, opened the doors to Healthy Perspectives on January 1, 2022, where he provides his clients—typically individuals and couples—Christian counseling, trauma work, grief/loss counseling, addiction counseling (social media, gambling, sex, etc.) and more. He also provides counseling to families, athletes, teens, active duty and military veterans (Jeremiah enrolled in the Marine Corps on his 17th birthday). “With my background working with some of the more difficult mental health issues a counselor can encounter, at Healthy Perspectives, we are uniquely poised to work with most issues,” he says. “We apply our experience to efficiently serve our clients while never taking shortcuts on developing healthy relationships with them.”

Jeremiah is dedicated to the clients he serves and strives to connect with them in authentic ways, with the ultimate clinical goal being to create a trajectory of growth that the clients can sustain on their own. “Our clients don’t ‘think’ we care about them, they ‘know’ we care about them.”

He is grateful to the local community for embracing Healthy Perspectives and his podcast, Healthy Perspectives w/ Jeremiah, as well as his clients who put their trust in him to guide them to see more healthy, positive perspectives in their lives.

“Our favorite thing at Healthy Perspectives is when clients use our services to move their life forward in new and healthy ways,” Jeremiah says. “We love being a positive part of their story—no matter how big or small of a part we serve.”

In addition to the services he provides through Healthy Perspectives, Jeremiah spends his time volunteering through his church, Cedar Hills. “I love my church family. We have our issues, like any family, but the people are amazing, and we don’t let the issues fester. If you’re looking for a church, I highly recommend giving Cedar Hills a shot,” he smiles.

If you or a loved one is in search of a “healthy perspective,” Jeremiah Guidos is there to listen. He invites you to reach out today to schedule your free 15-minute consultation, so you can start moving forward in a more positive, healthy way.

Healthy Perspectives

1205 US Highway 2, Suite 302

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


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