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Caribou Creek Log & Timber

Trends come and go in the way of home designs and exteriors, but in the West, the log home or cabin will never go out of style. You’ll find these beautiful structures slope side on area ski hills, overlooking our pristine lakes, and also tucked away on a peaceful plot of land outside city limits. For many, building a custom log home is a lifelong dream, and to be able to help design the home adds an even greater sense of pride in homeownership.

Creativity and customization is something that the builders and design team at Caribou Creek Log and Timber in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, are happy to include in all their builds. In the 30 years since opening its doors, Caribou Creek has created hundreds of unique structures—everything from estates, multi-level log homes and cabins to timber-framed homes and eye-catching business buildings. People are astonished at their work from the outside, and the amazement continues once inside as well, often leading others to think about their own dream home.

“Quality and value is the reason 75 percent of our business comes from customer referrals,” said David Byler, president and owner.

David and his co-owners, son Darin who serves as general manager and son-in-law Ken Shrock, project manager, approach each job as if they were building their very own home. Unlike a traditional neighborhood developer where you choose from only a few floor plans and limited customization, Caribou Creek tailors each build to exactly what a customer wants. The company has previous designs and layouts in-house that are often a starting point for a build but also work with architects or even just scribbles on a napkin. No matter how the idea is laid out, the Caribou Creek team goes to work to make it happen.

“Traditional craftsmanship and an old-fashioned work ethic turn exceptional designs into works of unsurpassed warmth and quality,” said David.

Once a design is in place and the type of wood and materials are chosen, the real fun begins for everyone involved. Timber from sustainably managed forests is always utilized, and even the leftover cuts are used as firewood for local Bonners Ferry residents. The home is assembled at the facility so they can maximize quality control. Once complete, each piece is marked as the home is disassembled and shipped to its final destination. Crews then put the home back together like a giant puzzle and finish the final touches on-site.

Those who are already in their dream homes but are looking at an update or adding to their home can also utilize the beauty of wood in many ways. Caribou Creek can create custom wood staircases, timber siding, entries and gates, place wood beams, and create a detached garage or outbuilding, just to name a few.

The build is fascinating to watch, and the staff at Caribou Creek takes each customer through each step in the process. In the end they come away with exactly what they want. The timeless beauty of a log structure is an iconic symbol of Western living, and Caribou Creek is happy to continue to make those log home dreams a reality.

Caribou Creek Log & Timber

Bonners Ferry, Idaho

195 Sunrise Rd.


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